Riots in the Jungle CD special re:editon

Riots in the Jungle CD special re:editon
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"Riots in the Jungle" was written by Cata.Pirata and Jori while they travelled through South Africa’s Soweto, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Gugulethu, collaborating along the way with some of SA’s most inspiring music makers on the rise. The album portrays their experience of blazing sun, dusty roads, township shacks, cockroaches, skulls, bones and lovebirds. It contains songs in English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Zulu, Spanish and Portuguese.

- This is a double CD jewel box - 

In addition to newly redesigned graphics on the "Riots In the Jungle" CD face, this version has a second disc ("Bonus Riots") featuring the three bonus songs from the double LP and three music videos in HD: "Love Jihad", "Jungle Riot", & "Anti-Capitalista".


CD Album 1 (CRAM219)
  1. SKIP&DIE - Jungle Riot
  2. SKIP&DIE - La Cumbia Dictadura
  3. SKIP&DIE with Gazelle - Killing Aid
  4. SKIP&DIE - Delhi Dungeons
  5. SKIP&DIE - Love Jihad
  6. SKIP&DIE with Season Marimba Stars - To Skip and Die in SA
  7. SKIP&DIE - Macacos Sujos
  8. SKIP&DIE with Driemanskap - Lihlwempu Lomlungu
  9. SKIP&DIE - Anti-Capitalista
  10. SKIP&DIE with Season Marimba Stars - Thina Sobabini
  11. SKIP&DIE - Senorita
  12. SKIP&DIE with João Orecchia - Tigresito
CD Album 2 (CRAM219)
  1. SKIP&DIE with Sibot - Muti Murder
  2. SKIP&DIE with Emza - Get Your Braai On 
  3. SKIP&DIE with Mtkidu - ZumZuma