Catarina Aimée Dahms aka Cata.Pirata

⟁ songwriter / vocalist / video-director / actress / activist / visual artist / performer ⟁

Cata.Pirata is the founder, visual artist, and front woman of the afrofuturistic-tropicalbass band SKIP&DIE.


Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, of pirate ancestry (Réunion Island descent), transmedia artist Cata.Pirata has lived and traveled extensively throughout South Africa / The Azores / The UK / Ibiza / Argentina / Brazil / The Netherlands. Her practice has been shaped by assembling the fragments of diverse cultural traditions and influences, constantly rearranging her nomadic mix. Her works are mash-ups of video / photography / illustration / installation / writing / music and performance. Although they are accessible, these works are layered kaleidoscopically to offer multiple meanings. They tend to incorporate socio-political undertones amalgamated with global party vibes, oscillating between the thin line of life and death.


Cata.Pirata toured with producer Rimer London, following the success of their musical collaboration together, including their singles: Love Dagger and Put Your Gun Away.


As well as having been the Editor-in-Chief of youth magazine SPUNK, Cata.Pirata also develops and runs multimedia workshops on “Music, Visual Art and Social Change”, for children and organisations, and was co-founder of Satellite Spaces /// The Untitled Gallery. Cata.Pirata is one half of the dj-duo Prehistoric Futuristic.

MA Visual Performance & Time-Based Arts

BA Communication & Design


Nominated for Best Personal Style Award by ELLE  (2013)


Selected Exhibitions

Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), Vondel Pavilion (Amsterdam), Design Center De Winkelhaak (Antwerp), Delta Centre of Contemporary Art (The Hague), The Institute for Live Arts Research (Greece), Royal Academy of Art (The Hague), Stadsschouwburg (Utrecht), Meneer de With Gallery (Amsterdam), WM Gallery (Amsterdam), TENT (Rotterdam), Mediamatic (Amsterdam)


Selected Press

Dazed & Confused (South Korea), Cultural China, Metro (NL), VICE, City Press (South Africa), Prestage Magazine (NL), Istanbul Calling, Elle (NL), Vogue (Italy), L’Officiel, Linda Magazine (NL).


Selected Performances

The Great Escape (UK), Glastonbury (UK), Sonar (Barcelona), Lowlands (NL), Exit (Serbia), Sines (Portugal), Plastic (Milan), La Machine du Moulin Rouge (Paris), Amsterdam Dance Event (NL), RecBeat (Brazil), Rocking the Daisies (South Africa).


Feel free to approach Cata.Pirata for friendships, partnerships, pirate ships, sponsorships - or any other kinds of motion in the ocean, really.